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Google’s Matt Cutts on advertorials

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, posted a new video on YouTube clarifying Google’s stance on advertorials and “native advertising.” Advertorials are editorial-like content that is published because an advertiser has paid the publication to publish the story or the content. Google’s Cutts wanted to make it clear that it is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines for webmasters and

The 6 Top Mobile SEO Must-Knows

It’s no secret: brands and businesses that have mobile websites and apps are a step or two (or more) ahead of the game. Why? Because 31 percent of Americans own a smartphone and one in three would rather give up TV than be deprived of their smartphones, according to But it goes beyond just having a

Some Great Search Engine Optimization Tips

Proper search Engine optimization or SEO is one of the surest ways to get noticed on the web. According to research, very few people actually trust website ads, but a far higher percentage of them trust the organic search results that pop up on the first page. So if you want to rank high for

The smallest search engine in the world.

At less than 1MB, Pico is the smallest search engine in the world. As you work, browse ‘n’ play, Pico understands automatically and finds relevant results from the web, news, TV and, in the full version, your own PC.Shorter results lists, less typing and more accurate results. In a world where millions of irrelevant search results

Get paid to search the Web ( No kidding) is a brand-new search engine, similar to Yahoo and Google, but with the added component of allowing users to take advantage of a human guide to assist with their searches — all for free.Beyond that, it’s also one new way to make money at home via the Internet because all of those guides are


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